Milan Mongolfiere Balloon Flights is one of the most important Italian companies for commercial passenger flights with balloons in Italy ; we are not a club but a real airline ; we have licenses issued by the National Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA )for Aerial Work, Commercial passenger Transport and Pilot School.

A company like Milano Mongolfiere, specialized in getting dreams realized, couldn’t be born but from a dream…

We place the centre of our attention :

The safety of the operations
For this reasons all the aircrafts are new, we make periodical checks on our crew and we also have a pilot school to raise new pilots.

Respect the rules
All our our employees have a contract due to national law and are insured for the specific risks of the aeronautical sector.

Protecting the environement
We are careful to cause minimal harm during our operations during preparation of the balloon and the landing.In fact we are the only ones that are allowed to fly in the territory of the Parco del Ticino, a natural park 30 km from Milan.

Trasparency towards our clients
Milano Mongolfiere, unlike other operators, publishes the rates, certifications, terms and conditions on the website.

Our Pilots

1365_78479Riccardo Trombetti

1365_96141Marco Montagna

1365_78238Carlo Rovelli

1365_43102Renzo Rebosio

Sales & Booking office

1365_28187Birgith Reiersen

1365_60880Maricela Boschetto