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We offer you Weather Insurance as standard. We won’t charge you extra!! If you are unlucky enough to have your flight cancelled on 5 occasions due to unsuitable weather conditions then we will automatically extend your Flight Voucher for a further period of 6 months.

We do not use an impersonal call center as we are a ``family business``. If you call us on the phone you will talk to a nice lady who takes care of the reservations or with one of our pilots; however they will be pleased to answer all your questions.

For your safety our flights are covered by at least three crew members on the ground.

Our pilots always make a careful pre-flight briefing and explain to you the functioning of a hot air balloon. This also means we won’t insist on your help with the inflation or rely on you to pack the balloon away and load the basket onto the trailer, like some balloon companies! You can just relax and enjoy your wine or join in if you are feeling energetic.

We will always take you with our vehicles from the meeting point to the take-off site and from the landing site and then back to the meeting point.

At the end of the flight, we just don't offer you a simple glass of prosecco; we toast together with you with a DOC wine and we taste a rich snack with cheese and salami. If you don’t want to drink because you have to drive or because you're a teetotaler, no problem, we also serve fruit juices and mineral water.

We don't ask you to use your car or worse, drive another one's car or travel illegally in the basket on the trailer.

We do not advertise flights in dozens of locations claiming to be the leaders of the market. We have 4 locations and with us you don’t need to wait months to fly

Our flights lasts at least 40 minutes and actually reach the altitude of 500 meters, we do not only do a short flight of 20/30 minutes rising just above the treetops.

We specify with precision the take-off point and the area of flight, so when you buy one of our vouchers you know that you will not have surprises and you will not have to make useless trips by car to reach the location of flight.

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