Full meeting instructions will be sent to you by the Operator when you book your flight

Ballooning is an experience NOT to be rushed. The actual time in the air is approximately one hour. Passengers and spectators are invited to participate in the pre and post flight preparation and dismantling of the balloon and this is all part of the experience. It is very important that you arrive at the meeting point at the correct time. It will sometimes be necessary to transport you a short distance from the meeting point to an alternative launch site, owing to the wind direction or local conditions. At the end of the flight you will be returned to the original meeting point.
For this reason you must allow at leastthree to four hours for the complete experience.

Balloon flights usually take place within two hours of dawn and around two hours before dusk, as this is when the air is at its most stable. Times will vary throughout the year with sunrise and sunset. For example, May meeting times are around 6.00am and 6.00pm.

It’s a great time to be up and the mornings are just spectacular. Besides balloons need cool stable calm winds to operate effectively and the hours following sunrise are the most suitable before the heat of the day. As hot air balloons are the only form of flight which moves with the wind, the weather is most important. The pilot cannot directly steer but chooses heights carefully to utilise wind currents to sail towards the closest, most appropriate landing site

We have got balloons that can bring from 2 passengers and up to 12 passengers.

You should wear clothing suitable for a country walk appropriate to the time of year, preferably of natural fibres. A hat or cap may be useful to protect your head from the heat of the burners. Ladies please wear trousers. Sensible walking shoes or boots are recommended, preferably ones that are waterproof, most flights take off from, and land in, a field. Remember the grass may be damp. Stiletto heels or sandals should be avoided. Space is restricted in the basket, so please avoid bringing large rucksacks and bags.

This again is dependent on the wind. The average distance covered is 8 miles, and the balloon will fly between 500 and 1,500 feet

There is no upper age limit, but you must be sufficiently agile to climb in and out of the basket, which is 1.20 m high and stand for around an hour. Children must be at least 8 years old, and over 1.30 m high. A child under the age of 16 years will only be flown if accompanied by a responsible adult appointed by the parent(s) or guardian

Hot Air Balloons cannot be steered! Some directional control is possible by ascending or descending into air currents going in a different direction, this information is checked prior to take off be releasing a small helium balloon and checking up to date weather reports. The pilot can raise or lower the hot air balloon by controlling the temperature inside the balloon

We are not qualified to express an opinion concerning your fitness to fly and you must ensure that you are fit to fly. You must not fly if you are suffering from any significant medical condition, or have recently undergone surgery. We may ask you to provide a certificate of your fitness to fly from your doctor or specialist. It is necessary that you disclose any aspect of your medical or physical condition that could be considered to affect your safety or the safety of others. You must not fly if you are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

Hot air Ballooning is the only adventure giving you a tranquil and majestic flight which no other aircraft can offer, we will fly you in the most
beautiful places onboard our rainbow coloured balloons.

Milano Mongolfiere Balloon Flights will fly you in the Milan province and our launch sites are located just 50 minutes from the city of Milan.
We also fly from Mondovì, the Chianti region and Magliano Sabina (in the north of Rome). Get ready for an early start! Ballooning is best done at sunrise,
as this is the calmest and most beautiful time of day. After landing we will serve you a local doc wine and local products.

Ballooning activities intrinsically involve the possibility of physical risks greater than those encountered in daily life, even though they are conducted under the supervision of commercial pilots who exercise all due precautions to ensure safety. By taking part in such ballooning activities passengers are understood to be fully aware of these risks. Milano Mongolfiere is certified and regulated by ENAC(Italian Civil Aviation Authority)and all the pilots hold full Commercial Pilot Licences. We carry combined single limit insurance to current European standards.

A Hot Air Balloon flight is very gentle and stable and because you start from the ground and gently lift up, rather than looking off the edge of a building – there is quiet a different sensation. We recommend you try it – so many of our passengers attest to how surprised at how comfortable and safe they felt flying us.

We offer you Weather Insurance as standard. We won’t charge you extra!! If you are unlucky enough to have your flight cancelled on 5 occasions due to unsuitable weather conditions then we will automatically extend your Flight Voucher for a further period of 6 months.
We do not use an impersonal call center as we are a “family business”. If you call us on the phone you will talk to a nice lady who takes care of the reservations or with one of our pilots; however they will be pleased to answer all your questions.
For your safety our flights are covered by at least three crew members on the ground. Our pilots always make a careful pre-flight briefing and explain to you the functioning of a hot air balloon. This also means we won’t insist on your help with the inflation or rely on you to pack the balloon away and load the basket onto the trailer, like some balloon companies!  You can just relax and enjoy your wine or join in if you are feeling energetic.
We will always take you with our vehicles from the meeting point to the take-off site and from the landing site and then back to the meeting point. We don’t ask  you to use your car or worse, drive another one’s car or travel illegally in the basket on the trailer.
At the end of the flight, we just don’t offer you a simple glass of prosecco; we toast together with you with a DOC wine and we taste a rich snack with cheese and salami. If you don’t want to drink because you have to drive or because you’re a teetotaler, no problem, we also serve fruit juices and mineral water.
Our flights lasts at least 40 minutes and actually reach the altitude of 500 meters, we do not only do a short flight of 20/30 minutes rising just above the treetops.
We do not advertise flights in dozens of locations claiming to be the leaders of the market. We have 4 locations and with us you don’t need to wait months to fly
We specify with precision the take-off point and the area of flight, so when you buy one of our vouchers you know that you will not have surprises and you will not have to make useless trips by car to reach the location of flight.