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Milano Mongolfiere is a Hot Air Balloon Flight School certified by the Italian CAA ENAC to apply for a EASA Balloon pilot licence and recognized by all Easa members.

The practical and theoretical courses can be done in just 15 days during which you will do 16 hours of flight training and 40 hours of theory on the 9 subjects required:

  • Air law and ATC procedures
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Communications
  • Principles of flight
  • Operational procedures
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Navigation
  • Flight performance and planning

Our flight instructors are all commercial pilots and the theoretical parts are hold by officials from the Italian Air Force, this ensures a high level of teaching with a very professional approach.

Our prices:

• 16 hours of flight with instructor: € 6400
• 40 hours of theory including teaching material: € 1400
• 2nd class medical: € 150
• Flight exam € 400
• Examiner € 400
• EASA license issue € 250

Accommodation is excluded.
If you want, you can stay at our guesthouse www.borgomonte.it

The course will be held in Villanterio (just 30 km from the fashion capital of Milan) or in Mondovì where you will have the most estimated Italian pilot John Aimo who will do your training and your final check-out flight.

Once you have obtained your pilot license, you may buy your own balloon and enjoy the pleasure of flying privately, or you can decide to increase your skills in order to work as a balloon pilot in a hot air balloon company. There are job opportunities in Italy but also in other beautiful countries like Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey.


If you already hold a license issued by a non-EU country and you also want to obtain the EASA license, we are at your disposal.

To do this you must:

pass a written examination in Air Law and Human Performance;

pass the BPL skill test;

pass, here in Italy, at least a Class 2 medical certificate, issued in accordance with Part-Medical AIR CREW;

demonstrate that he/she has acquired language proficiency (english or italian)

have completed at least 100 hours of flight time as a pilot.

The price start from € 1.500,00 but it depends on your license and the ratings you have.

Write to us for futher informations.

To access the course you must already be a hot air balloon pilot with at least 70 flight hours as a PIC

The course is developed in 2 flights each of 1 hour of dual command instruction and 1 hour of theory (long briefing)

The cost is € 900 and includes the cost of the FI and the use of one of our hot air balloons. Enac rights for authorization transcription are excluded.

Our school is the only one in Italy and one of the 3 in the world where you can learn how to fly a hot air blimp.

To access the course you must already be a hot air balloon pilot with at least 100 flight hours as a PIC

The course is developed in 5 hours of dual command instruction and 5 hours of theory on on-board systems and machine performance.

At the end, an examination with an ENAC Examiner is scheduled.

The cost for the course is € 12800 and includes the theoretical and practical part on one of our airships. Examiner skills and ENAC rights for transcription and qualification are excluded.

Milano Mongolfiere is also certified by ENAC so you can get a flight instructor rating.
The course, reserved for pilots with a minimum of 75 hours as PIC, is developed in 37 hours of theory, including 25 dedicated to the ” Teaching and Learning ” and 3 hour of flight.
At the end there is an exam with a FIE. The cost for the course is € 3.800,00.

Ground Crew

We also form new ground crew/retrievers that are essential to flight operations of the balloons.
The ground crew prepare the balloon for flight, assist the pilot in the inflation, follow the flight of the balloon from the ground on means of recovery and close the balloon after the flight.
To do all this safely you need to follow a training course.
Anyone can participate in our workshop.
You will be given at the end of the course a certificate of attendance.
Even in this case, once obtained the certificate, there is possibility to work both in Italy and abroad.
The course costs € 118 and includes: insurance, teaching materials, three theoretical and practical exercises, final flight in a balloon and release certificate frequency.
For any further information about our school, please contact us at 393 9555181 or by email

For more information or to sign up call us Tel +39 393 9555181