The Dirigible, an ancient medium for modern advertising

Are you looking for new incentives to increase the business of your company?

Milano Mongolfiere can guarantee that your advertising will literally turn heads with people, with the airship rental service: the flight of a dirigible, in fact, never goes unnoticed!

You will have almost 250 square meters of surface on each side, which can be printed with the most modern techniques to bring out your advertising message. Your advertisement, with the airship rental, could be visible at the Giro d’Italia, at a Formula One GP, at an important singer’s concert or at the Stadio Meazza during a Serie A match. It’s impossible not to look up and admire the message!

For your corporate advertising with airship rental, you can take advantage of a totally ecological vehicle, which will give incredible visibility to your promotional message.
In addition, you can choose a ‘strategic’ itinerary and fly close to very populated areas: the Milan ring road, the Rome ring road, but also the Versilia and the Venice lagoon.

Fly your advertising on the biggest Hot Airship in the world

Over 250 square meters on each side for your advertising message on the go.

The airship, exploiting its considerable size, the exceptional maneuverability and the wonder that arouses in the unconscious of the public, turns out to be an advertising vehicle of exceptional efficiency in terms of programming, timing and impact on the relevant public.


  • Banner: over 500m2 of advertising space
  • Great mobility
  • An absolutely unique advertising vehicle
  • Suitable for the promotion of prestigious brands (“Premium Brands”)
  • 360 ° targeted institutional campaigns
  • Option: illuminated night campaign

Advertising blimp flight

Some brands that have used our blimp