The flight

Il Volo



Realizza il tuo sogno di volare in mongolfiera e guarda il mondo da un’altra prospettiva.

Vola con noi in mongolfiera e regalati l’emozione di sorvolare i luoghi più belli d’Italia. Scopri i nostri itinerari con partenza da Milano, Mondovì e Roma.


Your experience will begin checking-in. Arrive on time so we can respect the take-off times; shortly after sunrise for the morning flight or two hours before sunset for the afternoon flight. You will then board our 4 × 4 to reach the take-off point, decided by the pilot based on the wind.


You will be given a full safety briefing by the pilot.


The pilot and the crew will now start inflating the balloon. Keep your camera on, you will get beautiful shots 😉


Then it is time to hop in the basket and off you go into the skies for your incredible hot air balloon ride.


Once landed we will toast all together. Our wine and food products are mostly from the surrounding area.


You will now get your First Flight Certificate signed by your pilot. It's time to take a group pic.


The balloon is now packed and we're all ready to get back to the meeting point and say goodbye.

Flying in a hot air balloon means all that


You know the take-off site but not the landing site, so every hot air balloon flight is a unique and unrepeatable experience. Only from the top of a hot air balloon can you enjoy a 360-degree panorama from a height of 500 meters, then descend to caress the wheat fields of the Roman, Milanese, Tuscan and Piedmontese countryside and trees, just as birds do.

Your experience begins at the designated meeting place, where you will meet your pilot, ground crew and other passengers; then, aboard our all-terrain vehicles, we will reach the takeoff point, chosen according to the wind. After a thorough pre-flight briefing performed by the pilot, you will be able to photograph and witness the exciting stage of inflating the hot air balloon. When the hot air balloon is ready for takeoff, you will be invited aboard to begin your “lighter than air” flight.

The course of the hot air balloon tour is given by the wind; the pilot, by varying the altitude, can find other winds and, therefore, change the direction while, from the ground, the flight is followed by the crew aboard the ATVs. Immediately after landing, we will prepare for you a simple but tasty refreshment with doc wine, cheese and local salami; after the balloon operations are finished, you will be taken back to the initial meeting place.

We want your hot air balloon flight to be a relaxing and, at the same time, exciting experience, as long as it is carried out in completely safe conditions. Optimal weather conditions are necessary to perform the operations; therefore, it sometimes happens that a hot air balloon tour is cancelled, even when the vehicle is already about to take off, because the weather turns abruptly to the worst; we will regret this, but we prefer to postpone your trip, rather than operate in conditions that are not entirely suitable.

As for your physical condition, on the other hand, if you belong to one of the following categories, we are regretful, but for your safety we will not be able to take you flying:

  • pregnant women;
  • people who have suffered injuries, surgeries that limit walking or
    have osteoporosis problems;
  • those who are unable to maintain the correct support position on their own during the landing phase (bend their knees while holding on firmly to the handles);
  • Those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • children under 8 years of age.

If you have any questions or needs, please call us at 333 2768297; we will be happy to provide any clarification.