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If you are looking for new ideas to boost your business you are lucky because this is the right site.
We can guarantee that your advertisement will literally “turn” people’s heads:
Imagine how many people would see your balloon. You have almost 1000 square meters that can be printed with the most modern techniques to bring out your advertising message and, unlike a billboard, almost moved anywhere.

• corporate balloon program
• advertising flights
• incentive flights
• tethered flights
• team building

Milan Mongolfiere is a company with all the necessary specific licenses issued by the Italian CAA ( ENAC) The pilots and crew are all professional pilots.

Incentive flights and team building

Tired of giving the usual watch with your company logo to the most deserving employees, or other objects that will soon end in the drawer ? Then pass  to an emotional gift: a hot air balloon flight with the company logo on the basket.
You will see that the beneficiary will remember with pleasure your gift.

Tethered flights

This is the right solution to ensure a large influx of people to your event, a business convention or wedding.
When inflated the balloon stands approximately 80 ft. tall and 70 ft. across. The balloon can take up to three or four people at a time, each for around 4-7 minutes, which will allow 45-55 of your guests to take balloon rides each hour.
To have the presence of a hot air balloon is necessary to have a space of about 50 meters to 50 meters free of any type of obstacles.You can also personalize the basket by affixing a banner of a sponsor.
The rental of one of our balloons starts from  € 700 + vat  per flight hour.

School Workshop

We have made an interesting educational program for children from 8 years up to 15 .Followed by our experts the children build their balloon of pape , they will make their own artwork and then we will tether it  to 10/15 meters.
The class will be divided into three groups: manufacturers, meteorologists and journalists, in this way everyone will be involved in the implementation of the balloon.

Corporate Balloon Programme

This program is dedicated to companies who wants to develop an aerial marketing ; Birgith Reiersen, accountable manager of Milano Mongolfiere will be happy to study  the best formula to achieve and maintain a “corporate balloon program” .She will help you to choose the best manufacturer  to make the balloon with your logo, suggest events to attend and manage all technical and bureaucratic aspects related  to the balloon.

Aeronautical consulting

Milano Mongolfiere can provide a qualified legal and technical advice to start-ups in the aeronautical field from the constitution of the company to its certification.