Take off time in spring and summer is just after sunrise and  two hours before sunset , during autumn and winter we fly any time of the day.
The balloon flight lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour although you should allow three to four hours for the whole experience .

After meeting your pilot, the retrieve crew and the other passengers at the pre-arranged location, you will be taken to the launch site nearby.The pilot will  brief you fully on the flight and you can assist the assembly and the inflation of the balloon.
When the balloon is inflated the pilot welcomes you on board on your “ lighter than air “ flight.

The direction of the flight depends on the wind.Some directional control is possible by ascending or descending into air currents going in a different direction, this information is checked prior to take off be releasing a small helium balloon and checking up to date weather reports. The pilot can raise or lower the hot air balloon by controlling the temperature inside the balloon.
A balloon  is the only aicraft that gives you a 360 ° panorama , you can just relax and can take photos of the spectacular scenery under you.
Maximum height is 500 metres( 1500 feet) and the temperature is almost the same as on the ground; for this reason you should wear sporty clothes of natural fibres, and sporty shoes, no high heels or sandals are allowed.
The ground retriev follows the flight on the ground with the jeep and when the time comes to return to earth you’ll be met by our retrieve crew.

In the morning the flight will then be celebrated with a special breakfast and for the evening flight with local wine and food while the crew pack away the balloon.
You will then be returned to the meeting point with our jeep.

What is included:

  • a detailed briefing
  • a flight that lasts hour
  • a toast with local wine and food after landing
  • a first flight certificate signed by the pilot
  • transport on our jeep
  • a full insurance and VAT in the price


We are not qualified to express an opinion concerning your fitness to fly and you must ensure that you are fit to fly.
You must not fly :

  •  if you are pregnant
  • if you are suffering from any significant medical condition, or have recently undergone  surgery.
  • if you’re not able to keep a correct landing position ( bend knees and keep the hands on the handles )
  •  if you are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  •  children less than 8 years

We may ask you to provide a certificate of your fitness to fly from your doctor or specialist. It is necessary that you disclose any aspect of your medical or physical condition that could be considered to affect your safety or the safety of others